Enel Green Power, through its subsidiary Enel Green Power International BV has signed with the EFK - Danish government's Export Credit Agency and Citigroup, a ten-year loan agreement for more than 110 million Euros. The investment objective is to start work for the design and construction of a new wind farm in Chile to increase significantly the installed capacity.


Currently Enel Green Power already has several different renewable energy installations in Chile. In fact, the company listed on the Stock Exchange manage two hydroelectric installations for a total of 92 MW, the wind farm Talinay East and the Valle de los Vientos for a total of 180 MW. Moreover, in the short term, it is planned to generate three photovoltaic installations with a total installed capacity of 136 MW. Finally, Enel Green Power in the geothermal sector is exploring various concessions with a potential for over 100 MW.


Enel Green Power has announced that he has started work for the construction of the new wind farm in Talinay Poniente, which will be composed of 32 wind turbines for a total installed capacity of 61 MW. Once running, this installation will be able to generate up to over 160 GWh per year. The starting up is scheduled for the first half of 2015 and the total investment for the construction of the new plant is about 140 million US dollars. The installation is under construction in the Coquimbo region, opposite to the park Talinay East, (90 MW).


Enel Green Power has as its first priority Chile market, followed by Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay. The company considers Latin America and Africa as the new target markets to grow up to compensate the crisis on their domestic markets.



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