TRASF ECO was born keeping in mind the ecologic transformer, becoming today our strength in renewable energies and reference point in the market.

Trasf Eco S.r.l. obtained and maintains ISO 9001 quality certification. Present on National and International market for over 35years, Trasf Eco acts in the sector of design and production of dry-type electric transformers and inductances.

During these years Trasf Eco has extended, improved and advanced his production so that to obtain different local and national working awards, but the most important above them is still the full client satisfaction.

Thanks to the strict national and foreign tests passed, Trasf Eco increase year by year his presence and productivity over the most important European and international countries, as official supplier in photovoltaic, aeolian, naval, railway, water purification plants markets as well as other activities.

The Trasf Eco philosophy is based on several strengths such as:

  • Absolute product quality, very strict test in our site and from certification authority.
  • The shortest times for design, construction and delivery of each product.
    Fully personalized dimensions for the required transformer. Standard production include among other the following categories


  • Transformers for Job-Centers
  • High performance transformers for photovoltaic systems.
  • Transformers for naval use.
  • Transformers for railway sector.
    Transformers for aeolian systems.
  • Transformers for water purification plants.
  • Transformers for distribution up to 24 kV.
  • Three phase and single phase transformers up to 4000 kVA.
  • Transformers with integrated inductance.
  • Three phase and single phase autotransformers.
  • Start-up autotransformers.
  • Three phase and single phase inductances.
  • Three phase and single phase limitative Reactance.




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