TRASF ECO pays a particular attention to achieve strategic and fundamental aims like:

  • Providing continuity of quality policies..
  • Granting the maintenance of the highest productive and quality standards, well known since many years on own products and aim to their improvement.
  • Giving a product which complies with rules and able to satisfy the strictest national and international certifications.
  • Keeping under constant control production times.
  • Paying continuous attention to the main company costs.
  • Respecting criterions of environmental protection, working place and individual integrity.
  • Affirming full respect to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality system.
  • Checking continuously the customer satisfaction.
  • Respecting quality procedures of components used, controlled at their receipt.
  • Continuous presence and active participation of administrators in companies processes.

This permit to TRASF ECO to be in a continuous growing maintaining anyway a constant competitiveness on the market.



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