The core is built up of cold rolled oriented grain steel sheet with low specific losses, insulated on both sides by a thin inorganic coating (Carlyte). The sheets composing the core are cut at 45 degrees. Uniform pressing, stiffness and solidity of the columns assure a low noise level. The frames for clamping the yokes are built of steel of adequate dimension. Vertical bolts assure a perfect clamping of the windings so as to prevent any damage to the equipment even in case it is subjected to electromagnetic forces arising under short circuit conditions. The windings are made of electrolytic copper or aluminium, insulated with pure cellulose paper particularly suitable to withstand direct atmospheric over tension. Wide oil ducts, obtained by corrugated and pressed cardboard, allow a perfect oil circulation, also inside the windings. Before assembling, the low voltage and the high voltage windings are submitted to drying and impregnation process.

Insulatin Liquid
The transformer is filled with mineral oil, according to IEC standards. The oil is previously treated and dried. Upon demand filling can be made by using insulating high fire point liquid, with silicone material.

Standard accessories

  • Oil conservator;
  • Oil level indicator;
  • Oil filling and drain vent;
  • Air vent;
  • Dehydrating breather connection;
  • Thermometer pocket;
  • Earthing terminal;
  • Lifting lugs;
  • Bidirectional wheels;
  • H.V. off load tap changer.

on Requests

  • H.V. and L.V. cable box;
  • Thermometer dial type with electrical contacts;
  • Buchholz relay;
  • Dehydrating breather;
  • Plug in terminals;
  • Pressure relief device.

Indoor and outdoor

Transformers respect CEI 14-4 - IEC 60076 rules




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