TRASF ECO was born (initially Trasf snc) in 1975 in Zelo Buon Persico (Lodi), just south of Milan, founded by the Panuccio family.
From the beginning it has been involved in the production of components for renewable energy. Its focus on ecology, reflected in the company name (ECOlogical TRANSFormers), before the subject became fashionable. This attention stems from the consideration that the dry transformer, with low environmental impact, is the technology of the future.
TRASF ECO designs and manufactures dry electric power transformers and inductances, and has customers in the main world markets, as well as in Italy.
Over the years TRASF ECO has expanded, perfected and evolved its production, so much so that it has passed stringent national and foreign tests, achieving awards and certifications starting from ISO 9001.
Thanks to customer satisfaction, the most important recognition, TRASF ECO has grown considerably, maintaining the care for products and customers that have always distinguished it.

TRASF ECO promise is to guarantee:
High quality standards of the product
Speed of design, construction and delivery
Design and construction tailored to customer needs.

TRASF ECO is ready to seize the opportunities of a future that is increasingly attentive to ecology and the environment, which have always been priority areas for the company.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer effective and efficient products and solutions for those who work in the production and distribution of clean energy.
We aim to build long-term strategic relationships with our customers, based on:

  • Technological and qualitative excellence
  • Reliability of use
  • Flexibility, i.e. the ability to fully understand and respond to customer needs
  • Speed of execution
  • Higher level assistance and service, pre and post sales.
    We believe that results come from passion, dedication and work. These values dictate our priorities, as our history shows and how our customers recognize us.
    We think that our people are the key ingredient and we believe in the importance of a positive and stimulating environment in which everyone can express themselves at their best.

It all started like this…

It could have been a story like the others that of Giuseppe Panuccio, who left his Calabria to seek his fortune in the North.
From Taurianova to Milan the step is great but, for those who have the desire and ability to work, Milan has something to offer and Giuseppe knows it. He finds employment in a small transformer company where he works for 10 years, acquiring expertise and experience in the production of products. Thanks to his commitment he achieves the economic peace of mind necessary to start a family. In 1970, just before Italy knew the hard blows of the crisis, he married the woman who accompanied him on his life path, Nerella. With great joy he welcomes the arrival of his children, Domenico in 1971 and Vincenzo in 1975.
A good job and a beautiful family would have been enough for many other men to be satisfied with the results achieved, but he had a special strength within him, and the desire not to be like many others.

Our history



Immediately after the arrival of his second child, Giuseppe decides to leave the company where he works to start up an adventure called Trasf s.n.c. In the garage of the newly built house, together with his brother, Giuseppe's workshop comes to life.
The beginnings are not easy. To create a turnover that allows you to keep the small workshop standing, you have to knock on many doors, and not all of them open.
When the first debts arise to finance the start-up of the business, the lack of a fixed monthly income is felt. Fortunately, there is Nerella next to him, who helps the family with her salary as a worker in a costume company on the outskirts of Milan.
Giuseppe responds to the initial difficulties with grit and determination. He continues to work in his workshop during the day and in the evening, he puts his passion for music to good use. He studies, improves and starts playing bass in orchestras, sometimes until late at night. Days of work that seem to have no end, but he is always full of energy, he goes home saying "I am made of steel" and carries on his dream without making the family feel the weight of that difficult beginning.
After a couple of years, finally, the volume of business begins to increase and the cellar becomes increasingly narrow. He rents a 300 square meter warehouse and starts hiring his first employees thanks to the tight contracts with companies that have believed in Trasf snc.



The business continues to grow and in 1982 Nuova Trasf srl was born. The old shed is not enough. One of 500 square meters was purchased in Zelo Buon Persico, but that too soon became tight for the 15 employees who work for Nuova Trasf srl. The memory of the initial difficulties is still alive and the business sense suggests keeping the shed for rent and expanding the production space in the one owned by creating a mezzanine of another 200 square meters, to avoid further steps and indebtedness.
When the first annual contracts arrive with top-level companies in the sector, it is decided to hire a manager who is responsible for supporting the growth and planning of a company that now has 30 employees.
Growth continues at a rapid pace and at the beginning of the Nineties the Panuccio brothers had more than 35 employees in the company.
In 1993, the first market contraction took place and it seems inevitable that the company would encounter some difficulties. The corruption scandals in Italy (known as Tangentopoli) blocks the annual contracts of large companies, the warehouses begin to fill up with the products that should have met the orders and the number of employees seems to be overabundant compared to the market situation that the company must face.

However, something does not add up, because the company sees production volumes drop dramatically but fixed costs continue to remain too high. Giuseppe realizes that there is something wrong, that there is a problem in the management of the company. He decides to go to the bottom and with an internal intelligence activity he arrives to discover that the person who should have dealt with the growth of Nuova Trasf srl was actually damaging it, diverting orders to the competition.
The disappointment is great, but there is no time to stay and discuss with the person responsible for this crisis. With the determination of the beginnings, the manager who has betrayed the trust of the company is dismissed and the company returns to being totally governed by Giuseppe and his brother.
While Giuseppe's children are doing their job in production, the company tries to move forward amidst staff cuts and attempts to revive the market.



The situation becomes more and more difficult and Giuseppe's brother decides he no longer wants to continue. In 1994 he offered his 50% to Giuseppe who, with courage, decides to accept to maintain the hope and pride of offering a future to his children. Giuseppe undertakes to take over the company for a value of 600,000,000 lire to be paid in 10 years and tries to start over once again.
Unfortunately, the situation of the company is definitely compromised. The company has a turnover of 1,200,000,000 Italian Lire, and a debt to suppliers of the same amount. The banks foreclose on Giuseppe's house and the suppliers make deliveries only with prepayments.
The end seems to be inevitable, so much so that, in 1995, Giuseppe decided to put the company up for sale. A buyer is presented, a woman who wishes to take over the business to give her son a future graduate in engineering, willing to offer 800,000,000 lire to acquire the company from which Giuseppe would definitively leave over the next 5 years.
For a man who had believed in his entrepreneurial dream and had come to realize it all this seems too hard to accept, so much so that he takes refuge in his home tavern to cry at what he feels is his failure.
A few days before the date scheduled for the sale and despite his discouragement, Giuseppe decided to calmly discuss with his sons to ask them if they agree to try to continue, despite everything.
The response of the sons is immediate and enthusiastic, certainly for the young age that leads them to feel strong and capable of overcoming the difficulties of the moment, but also for the desire to feel like heroes and worthy heirs of what Giuseppe had built up to that moment.
The old company was put into liquidation and Trasf Eco Snc was born in 1996. The company starts from scratch, with only 6 employees and with the brothers Domenico and Vincenzo Panuccio who support their father in the reconstruction work. In addition to working in the workshop, Giuseppe's children must commit themselves to supporting the growth of the company. According to his father's instructions, his son Domenico's task is to resume his studies as an electrical technician and undertake to study, after working hours, to learn how to design products, while Vincenzo has to devote himself to following the administration.



Giuseppe's dream is reborn, with his children by his side. Starting over is hard. The market does not believe in Giuseppe's ability to get up and the banks are pressing for a return of the financial debt. The company tries hard to move forward. Thanks to some suppliers who believe in the project and to a very careful cost planning, cash flows are kept under control. Thanks to the support of some suppliers who believe in the project and, above all, to the spirit of sacrifice of the Panuccio brothers who also renounce to receive their own salary in order to guarantee that of the workers with whom they work side by side, the company begins to gain market shares.

Past experience suggests not chasing orders at any cost. There is no room for hiring new employees and it is better to leave bad paying customers, in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the productive efforts in place.
The fruits of this company policy are beginning to be seen and there is even the satisfaction of seeing some new customers arrive, yet the biggest risk, bankruptcy, still weighs heavily on the company.



Thus comes the time for a courageous decision, to sell the real estate to obtain the cash needed to overcome the difficulties of the past.
A restart without any more ballast, with agreed repayment plans and a renewed credibility towards the banks, with production continuing inside the shed now rented and with renewed energy towards the future.
Giuseppe Panuccio sees his dream reflected in the eyes of his sons who, like him, did not allow themselves to be disheartened by difficulties and with determination went ahead, obtaining unexpected results.
When the first important orders arrive, the idea of a property shed reappears. From an economic point of view, the cost of the rent is equivalent to the value of the mortgage payment and past experience has proved such investment to be a strategic asset for the company.
The signature that leads to the purchase is accompanied by some fear and awareness of the commitment that this represents. The company has made a lot of efforts to keep costs under control and does not want to undermine what has been achieved, but there is also the awareness that to grow you have to take some risks.



The big step was taken at the beginning of 2007. The Christmas holiday period is the best time to relocate, in order to maintain production targets. Even if the construction works of the new warehouse are not yet finished and the 1000 square meters for production are still without gates and protections, it is decided to move machinery and warehouse. The authorization is granted even before the deed that establishes the transfer of ownership and in 10 days the transition to the new production site is completed.
On 7 January the Panuccio brothers and the production workforce enter the new factory and savor the pleasure of seeing the dream of rebirth come true. New orders await and the plant is now large and equipped, ready to go into operation to fulfill them.
The dream, however, must once again come to terms with reality and, only 24 hours later, the glances full of confidence in the future are transformed into glances full of disappointment and anger. The dawn of January 8 sees the Panuccio brothers astonished in front of the door of the broken shed and the completely emptied warehouses. All raw materials, copper and aluminum have disappeared. Even the small quantities that were already in the production machines had been stolen.
A lot of anger and disappointment, but even more desire not to be discouraged. The Panuccio brothers immediately start calling suppliers and find those who, on the other hand, understand that there is no time to waste. They load the trucks, copper and aluminum arrive in the plant in two days, also accompanied by a willingness to defer payments which is fundamental when the brothers realize that the damage is not covered by insurance, as the warehouse is not yet formally completed.
The quality and speed of the Panuccio brothers' reaction was rewarded by an excellent resumption of business. As the orders increase, the theft becomes just a bad memory.
Giuseppe continues to follow the evolution of his sons from a distance, confident of the results that are consolidating, and his presence in the company is almost just a pastime for him.
Instead, his sons continue to see him as a guide, which is why they are alarmed when Giuseppe seems to lose some of his lucidity. Small lapses of memory and repeated questions are not from him and the brothers convince their father to do some medical investigations.
The response is scary: Alzheimer's. The Panuccio brothers feel that they could lose their beacon but, again, there is no time to stop and think.



2009 marks the explosion of the photovoltaic sector. The numbers are growing dramatically but the focus on production and purchases remains very high. In 2010 the orders almost double the turnover. The company grows. Two other warehouses are purchased, for a total of 2000 square meters, and the number of employees rises to 35.
The company definitively leaves the initial difficulties behind. The commercial strategies prove to be successful, banks are now partners available to what they deem an extremely solid company.
Unfortunately, Giuseppe's illness worsens before he can see his dream come true.
Trasf Eco is now an established reality, so much so that it has received supply shares from world giants. The brothers Domenico and Vincenzo strongly believe in their company and they prove it by making continuous investments in machinery and personnel. Their tenacity and their attention to the market are rewarded by constant growth so that, in 2017, it is necessary to purchase an additional 1000 square meters of production area to ensure the maintenance of those high quality standards that have made the company strong and irreplaceable on the market. .
The Panuccio brothers are now established entrepreneurs when, in 2019, Giuseppe definitively leaves Domenico and Vincenzo alone. Almost like a seal, a passing of the baton, in that same year the historical turnover record arrives.
The history of the Panuccio brothers does not stop. In 2020 they purchase additional 500 m2 warehouse to give a further impetus to growth, focusing on the development of their own significant commercial network which will see the light at the beginning of 2021. The goal is to become a leader in the sector, not only by exploiting the strength and the great skills that Trasf Eco has built over time, but also outlining a strategy of targeted acquisitions to accelerate the pace of growth. The credit also goes to a team made up of very young people who, with the same tenacity of the Panuccio brothers, have contributed to the continuous growth and who are the real driving force.
At the beginning of this new adventure for Trasf Eco, the Panuccio Brothers know that beauty is yet to come and will come because together they are a power. Indeed, as the founder Giuseppe Panuccio said, they are made of "STEEL".