Electricity distribution


The technology and reliability of TRASF ECO products are fundamental in all phases of the electricity production and distribution process, which must be seen as a unique entity where production and transport follow one another incessantly, to ensure continuity of supply to end users, and which requires maximum efficiency in order not to jeopardize the production effort involved through waste or transformation inefficiencies.
In fact, it is essential to remember that, while the production and transport of energy over long distances operate efficiently through high voltage, distribution for use by domestic and industrial users, which require medium and low voltage respectively, calls for a further transformation of the raw material into energy.
The technology used by TRASF ECO allows to create a capillary distribution network in which the succession of transformer stations, which progressively lowers the voltage without dispersion of raw material, gives life to the perfect interface between the very high voltage of the primary network and the users endings.

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