Water purification and treatment


Clean energy production is an activity most commonly associated with respect for the environment, but it is certainly not the only driver.
TRASF ECO aims at being present in all those sectors where technology contributes to improving the green soul of industries, first of all that of water purification and treatment.
Among our most innovative products we find high frequency transformers specifically designed for wastewater treatment (or wastewater purification), a process that consists in the removal of organic and / or inorganic contaminants from urban and industrial wastewater.
The possible applications for our transformers are varied:
– primary water treatment (production of drinking water, swimming pools, disinfection of food containers, elimination of iron, manganese, pesticides, etc.);
– disinfection of waste water, detoxification and discoloration of industrial water;
– deodorization for biological and industrial plants.

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Water purification and treatment