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Safeguarding environment is the founding value of TRASF ECO. Since the beginning in 1975, when the world was still proudly marching with oil, we understood that the future would take the direction of renewable energy and we are committed to becoming a proud manufacturing reality in this area, paying particular attention to the wind sector and to photovoltaics.
We deem energy efficiency, sustainability and reliability our hallmarks, guaranteeing efficiency standards of 98% with efficiency peaks above 99%, so that not even the smallest production effort is lost.
Proud of having contributed to the spread of the use of renewable energy, with highly reliable and competitive products compared to traditional systems, today we are able to offer our customers a range of very low loss and high efficiency transformers, designing every solution for any customer need. of a technical and dimensional nature.


Clean energy and photovoltaics are a perfect match, but it must be remembered that this is true only if photovoltaic technology is used correctly. For this to happen, the search for plants that guarantee transformation efficiency beyond certain dispersion thresholds must be incessant.
TRASF ECO has always been aware of this need, working so that photovoltaic energy could truly be considered clean energy. His commitment was so crucial that his ecological transformers became a real point of reference for the entire industrial sector. Even if today a plant with an efficiency value of 85% is considered acceptable, we at TRASF ECO consider it crucial to maximize the efficiency of our transformers, setting ourselves as a goal a standard of 98%, even reaching 99% on large sizes.

A fundamental pillar for achieving these objectives is the design, which must take into account several variables, including:
– plant surface
– possible orientation of the panels
– power of solar radiation
– performance of the individual modules
– efficiency of electrical transmission devices and components from the plant to the network



Together with photovoltaics, wind is the most commonly known source of renewable energy.
TRASF ECO’s competence could not fail to lead the company to study solutions capable of optimizing production in this sector as well.
Wind power plants allow large economies of scale, which reduce the cost of electric KW by using very long and efficient blades, each capable of generating the production of several megawatts. In order for production to remain efficient, it is necessary to equip the plant with particularly robust and reliable transformers, capable of responding to the multiple and severe environmental stresses they are subjected to, first of all the changing climatic situations.
The use of the right transformer allows to keep unchanged the benefits of production economies of scale on delivery . Its isolation and the variation of alternating voltage, to guarantee a correct and more efficient energy distribution, are the characteristics through which TRASF ECO guarantees a low loss and high safety transmission from the beginning of the energy conversion chain.
The products made on the basis of the specific needs of customers, in addition to guaranteeing very high levels of efficiency thanks to the reduced no-load and load losses, reach the destination plants in very short delivery times, in any area of the world they need to be installed, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

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